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Issue #1

edited by Frank-Lothar Köpcke

Most R&D driven companies still listen to the  same drum over and over again. How can they invent something truly genuine customers would call "innovative", if this was their only input?

Today management and employees are suffering from multiple streams of information, malcommunication and common misunderstandings about the nature of creativity. The results are:

  • increased costs in new product development
  • overabundance of ideas but no time and place to integrate them into viable new products and services
  • increased costs of communication with the customer
  • ineffective marketing strategies
  • no authentic customer experience feedbacks

It is a truism however that innovation is still the most important lever to inspire new products and services and to stabilize the performance of a viable enterprise. But do not capitalize the I in innovation. Rather keep an Eye on the edges of your company and society as a whole and look for new paradigms. Refresh your paradigms once in a while. Is this Consultant Speak? No. This is only a lesson learnt by clients who have been very successful with what they were doing two years ago. But times are changing. And competition is on. 24/7 is no joke, it is a real challenge. Wonder what´s ahead of you just around the next curve?

Frank is looking forward to meeting you in one of his open workshops. Give it a try and find out what lies ahead of you. Let others share their brilliant ideas with you. Don´t hesitate till the next curve is gone.

We offer you premium services for targeted innovation in your company. Create outstanding new products with ease. Join the creaktiv spirit. Join the creaktiv experience. Take the next step!

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